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Who We Are

Adams and Adams Construction is a team of licensed and insured building experts in Asheville, NC.  Gus Adams, owner,  is a highly skilled craftsman with 27 years of experience in construction and fine woodworking.  Adams and Adams Construction is committed to providing clients with a superior built home. A home that is a legacy.

Gus Adams manages all  construction projects and crews. Gus personally inspects and approves every aspect of project construction (and still swings a hammer!). Katie Adams runs the construction office and makes sure that calls and emails are returned promptly, materials are on time and that clients are thrilled!

​About Gus and Katie Adams: 

Gus and Katie met in 1998 and almost immediately embarked on their first renovation together! Their first project was a commercial building in West Asheville that they  lovingly restored. Gus and Katie owned and managed, Deluxe, a Mid Century Modern furniture and home store for 6 years before going into construction full time. 14 years and many commercial/ residential projects later they are still going strong. 

When Gus and Katie are not busy renovating their Mid Century Modern home, or hunting for Craftsman era antiques, they enjoy tennis, running and mountain biking.